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Safety for you and your family


Elite Camp Safety for you and your family

FREE Roadside Assistance on your holiday :)

Elite Safety sure your help from Falck, both when driving to and from, and when you stay at the campsite.

Elite Camp Safety include:

* Transportation to the campsite or garage if your car breaks down.

* Delivery of fuel and spare parts, if necessary.

* Professional and transport with Falck to the hospital, doctor or treatment facility and back to the campsite. The coverage applies only if you are heading to one of our campsites
* Repatriation of vehicles and / or persons within Denmark.

Call when it comes.
Elite Safety includes all guests staying on or have booked to stay at one of our campsites. If you need Elite Camp Security, you should immediately call the Elite Camp space you have reserved space. So we'll do the rest.
Your holiday at the Elite Camp In other words, in a safe environment

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